I am an Artist living in the Sunshine Coast. My favourite picture, one that fully inspires me is a black and white photograph of Paul Cezanne going off to paint in the open air. A fantastic image that I admire, of a man going off to work, hagged looking, unkept, easel ontop a wooden box backpack of paints and tools of his craft, in the elements. His job? An Artist. Always.

  • Fine Art

    Fine Art Sunshine Coast
    Place a paint brush in a child's hand

    and they will paint, instinctively with out question, the most wonderful of visions. Place a brush in a master's and he will find the child.

  • Life Drawing

    Life Drawing Sunshine Coast
    Hopefully the canvas can capture the

    venerability that you see before you, because this is never about the artist but about the being baring not just their body, but their soul.

  • Illustration

    Illustration Sunshine Coast
    Illustration is todays expressionism,

    or a pure form of journalism, capturing both times and culture, with both naivety and genius, and with no consideration for class.

  • Journals

    Journal Art Sunshine Coast
    To leave home without a journal and

    pen is a journey you may as well have missed, because although thoughtful time of appreciation is rewarding, most times we forget our thoughts.


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