My name is James, and I am Renaissance Funk. My studio is in Eumundi, the Sunshine Coast. Renaissance Funk is a ripening of past Art studios, Co-ops and ventures, from poetry societies to live in Art studios and galleries. I started my career selling and painting in local markets where it was a common sight to see humorous signs saying "soon to be dead artist" and "need money for wine".

  • I was born in Australia in 1973,

    where I still live and paint. My earliest memories are of me as a child always drawing, which has been the case all of my life. I am a self taught Artist who has worked and exhibited all along the east coast of Australia, and has had numerous studios in North Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne.

  • I have come a long way from

    the first incarnations of my Vagabond Art Studio in Kuranda, North Queensland, Australia. A studio where I as an artist put in the hard yards to grow into a unique and talented Creative entity, where I do it all from exhibitions, commissioned illustrations and paintings, to industrial design.

  • With twenty years of painting

    and selling behind me, I have embraced the commercial art and Design world to become a professional Illustrator and designer, who covers the gamut of creation, be it fine art, illustration, web site design, writing and poetry.

  • Not only an Artist and illustrator,

    I have a serious of poetry books in the process of being published, as well as a list of writing commitments, and children’s books written and illustrations on the go. Thanks for taking the time to find out a bit about me, this vagabond artist.

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